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About Us..

The Campbell burgers is the place at Scarborough to pamper your taste buds with fresh and delicious burgers and more.

Head to 2900 Eglinton ave East to grab a bite of juicy, tasty burgers and chips right away.

Burgers & More!

Perfect place to dine, when you crave for a cheesy burger or a spicy chicken.

Our menu features a wide variety of cuisines from India's rich culture, including the authentic Kerala dishes that taste like right from the God's own country.



Comes with veggie sticks, fries and buttermilk dill dip. Chicken wings roasted in one of our 8 sauces.

Caesar Salad

Crispy romaine lettuce tossed with a creamy Caesar dressing, garnished with crostini and parmesan cheese.

Chicken kabab

Boneless chicken pieces mixed with special chef made Afghani sauce.

Chicken Curry

Bone chicken curry cooked with onion and tomato gravy Kerala special style.

Beef Burger

Packed with onions and herbs for extra flavour, that are perfect for topping with cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Chicken Biriyani

A savoury chicken and rice dish that includes layers of chicken, rice, and aromatics that are steamed together.

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